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Does anyone have any thoughts on multi-room options. I've been using the 7.1 options from my home cinema amp to run a second zone but I'm about to move house and will be leaving this in the old place.

I've been reading about music servers / wifi / pc's etc etc until my head hurts. Has anyone on here done a multi-room intallation?


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There are quite a few options available for multi-room depending on a few things:

1) Budget!
2) Do you want one with a built in hard-disk or to play from a computer/network disk?
3) How many rooms
4) Synchronised across rooms, or different songs in each?
5) Would you want internet radio?
6) Do you have a wireless/wired network?

I have reviewed the various options here: but can offer more advice depending on your requirements.

Hope this doesn't add to the confusion so much



When I first looked a few years ago, wired was the only option. Now I see all the wireless options and given I'm moving to an older house they look a good move. I'm likely to have a wireless network for the computer so may well consider using it as the music server as it has all my music on it already.

What I've liked about my two room system at the moment is the ability to have two different sources playing in the different zones. If I go down this route I'm likely to want a minimum of 4 zones - lounge, dining room, kitchen, bed/bathroom.

I would like digital radio too and I'm fairly agnostic as to DAB or internet.

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