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Just wondering if anybody can help me. I’m in the final stages of building a new house and need advice regarding how to setup/connect/control my av equipment. I want a central place to store my sky boxes/blueray players etc and hopefully be able to control them using something like magic eye sensors. If anybody could point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it!!!


Hi, my name is Steve dilworth and if you search my posts you will see I have written a lot about the subject.
To clarify, I use a distribution approach as opposed to the normal central switching method which requires additional handsets in each room.
Let me know if you have further questions when you have read mine and other peoples posts and I will be happy to help.


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Hi Steve, thanks for that I'll review the posts your refer to and see how/if they can be of use to me. I've had everything (RF & Cat6 points) wired back to a central point in the garage which I'm hoping to fit a rack to house hardware so I may already be pretty far down the 'central switching mode' - Thanks again.


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Hi kjl3x

Firstly I usually advise clients to take a big step back and list what you would like to achieve in each room. This will help you and any installer you work with drive a solution forward.

This will include matrix solutions and remote controllers.

Secondly, where are you in the uk? This will help us suggest installer support for you.



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If you want anything but the very lowest quality then a central star wired matrix is the answer. Most matrix systems offer IR control of the sources routed through the matrix above that you can have RS232 and IP control if you wish (device dependant) going back to basics with what cables you have where (from and too) and your requirements in terms of sources and locations is the best place to start.

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