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Multi-Room - how is it set up


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I am interested in Sky Multi-room (probably with Sky +) and am looking for advice on setup.

I have been a Sky user for around 10 years and originally se-up my own analogue sky receiver/decoder (Pace 200) and connection. The Dish (800mm) was situated at the back of my brick built garage and attached, using a ‘s’ pole, to the rear wall. I ran the cable through my garage, 5m under ground and through and outside wall to be presented in my lounge on a standard wall plate with a ‘F’ connector.

When Sky came to install digital (around 5 years ago) the engineer adapted my pole at the rear of the garage and installed a new type 2 dish and lnb to my cable. This has worked fine with a Pace digi-box and is easily adjusted as the dish is positioned 1.5m from the ground.

What I need to know

How does the second digi-box receive its signal
From the dish/lnb needing another cable run from the rear of my garage and a new lnb?
the 2nd ‘F’ connector on the existing box?
splitting the cable, either in my garage or house?​

I intend putting the my old digi-box in my sons room and the new box (Sky+) in the living room. We have not had a phone connection, to the Sky box for years (after first 12 months) and utilise cordless phones up stairs for land line calls. (although mostly mobiles)

What is the rules regarding phone connection, as it will be difficult to have a point in my sons bedroom.

I hope someone can give me help on the above, as I would like to set this up soon.

Thanks in advance


btw I subscribe to Sky Family + Sports and expect to pay for the Sky+ box and only an additional £10 pm for the multi-room and Sky+ as I have Premium channels.


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SKy+ needs two cables from dish for one box.....which will probably be fixed up by the sky dude....i would imagine...

oh, the Sky+ box definitely has to be plugged in to the phone line for the first 12 months, they do random checks to see if it is or not, if it isnt you get fined.....


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Well for a + install each box needs 2 inputs so you will have a quad lnb on the dish with 4 wires going into the house for a multiroom install. I assume only one box needs ato be connected to the phone line im not sure


Definately need both boxes connected to a phone line with a multiroom Sky installation.

Sky have attempted to fine me 3 times for aleldgeldly not having a phone connected at all times to my Sky Boxes. I have Sky+ in the lounge and Sky in the bedroom.

Sometimes, the Sky callbacks don't work and they think I've disconnected. It's very annoying as I have to keep attemptining manual call backs over the phone with the Sky CS team and then claiming back a credit for the fine. It happens every month without fail.

Also - if you get fed up paying premium 0870 rates for calling Sky to fix/sort out problems as a result of their dodgy equipment, visit a web site called:


You can look up the fixed landlline number for Sky that sits underneath their 0870 number. I think their may even be a 0800 freephone number. At least you don't have to pay for the call, even if they do keep you waiting for 15mins!! :thumbsup:


Now the definintive answer.Sky plus uses two feeds from the dish,the second box needs its own seperate feed from the dish,so three cables from the LNB.Both boxes MUST be connected to the same phone line for the duration of your multiroom subscription.No exeptions.All the cables will be run at the time of install.Providing you subscribe to at least two premium channels there is no charge for the Sky+ subscription, but there is a charge of £10.00 per month for the second box which will have the same package as the Sky+.

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