Multi-Room AV - Bit of a mess......


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I wonder if anyone can help.

Currently running a Crestron DM-MD6X6 to send two Virgin V6 boxes, one Apple TV and a Blu-Ray player around the house.

There is a Freesat box that doesn't connect to anything much.

It goes to four TVs.

To be honest I wish I had never chosen Crestron back in 2011 its been expensive and unreliable. But maybe its better now.

All this was fitted during a house refurb around 2011 along with the CAT 5e cabling.

As I have upgraded the TVs to 4K I have suddenly woke up to the fact that this thing only pumps around 1080P.

On the Audio side there is a Nuvo Musicport and Crestron 4 Way Audi system - PAMPI -4x100. Powerd three rooms ... badly......

One room has 5.1 ceiling speakers powered by Denon AVR - X3200 and that works well.

There is one wall remote and the rest is controlled through iPads.

In a nutshell its all become messy and clunky.

Ideally I would like someone to refresh and update for a more seamless experience, including 4K.

Any thoughts gratefully received!

many thanks


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