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Just bought a pioneer all in one multi region system from Richer Sounds. Was wondering if people out there have found one firm's multi regioning better than another.. For instance, I've just tried to play a region 1 disc on my new pioneer and halfway through it skips like mad whilst on my old Toshiba (from another firm) plays it fine as does my computer.. Any clues?



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Unlikely to be anything to do with the MR mod. All that does is allow the disc to load up in the first place. More likely that the disc is borderline faulty, and the Pioneer is less tolerant than the Tosh. FWIW, the up-market Pioneers (6x6, 7x7 and 8x8 series), which are Japanese made, are some of the most forgiving players out there. This is less true of their more economical ranges, unfortunately.


Nigel is spot on in his fault diagnosis in my opinion(for what its worth).
on another note there are differences between mods.
one company has a chip mod which multiregions the machine /disables macrovision so you can tape a dvd or distribute the signal via rf with a modulator/and most intersting of all allows you to skip the FBI warnings,Ads on disney discs and stops the annoying this disc wont allow this function pop up.
some mods are just remote hacks.
some require chipping not all chips are equal
some mods are done by flashing the machine with a special disc(dont ask they are not readily available cheaply)

It is all down to how the machine is designed and the potential financial reward to the modders.

a bit off topic but may give you a bit of insight


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I have just changed from a pioneer444 to a pioneer565 and the 444 played all my discs but one,the 565 plays it no problem.Not that this helps you but if its a cheapo unit it will have a cheap drive in it which to be honest is the most important part of any dvd player.


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Thanks for all your replies..
I've sent the dvd set back to be replaced. Whats the consensus on faulty batches? Is everyone of the opinion that it probably was that set or should I just expect the player not to like that particular title?


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It can be a bit of both really, for eg the player may not like the disc full stop or a different region will be fine.
My first player would only play Matrix R1, though the player was mostly dead on delivery and was exchanged as it would only play intro's.
Swapping is at least reassuring in that if it happens again it will be a universal ( to your player ) problem, one would expect.

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