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Hi Guys,

I recently upgraded to a 4K TV and would like a 4k Player to go along with it, problem is I have alot of import blu-Rays/DVD's I'm in the UK so my native region is 2 and Zone is B, I have a large amount of DVD's from various Regions and I have quite a few Zone A Blu-Ray's I'm looking for an "All in one solution" to save space and HDMI Ports (My current set up involves a PS4 for Region2/Zone B and a separate Blu Ray player that has been modded to play Zone A and any region DVD).

Are there any reccomendations? I've seen a few webites selling chipped players but the mark-up is crazy

Thanks for your help


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The mark up is crazy as choices are limited. It's not like you can go Curry's sadly.

Keep an eye on eBay but places like TPS are going to charge a premium. Frankly, I think it's worth it for the convenience.


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To make a BD player region free for BD requires a hardware modification, which
a) requires the thing to be partly dismantled and extra components to be added (which may be a skilled operation)
b) invalidates any manufacturer warranty so the seller typically provides their own or an insurance based alternative - again a (latent) cost
so a noticeable markup is at least partly justified - quite unlike the remote firmware "hacks" that were typical for DVD de-regioning.

Two suppliers I am aware of - there are probably others - where you can see which models they do as modified. Go through these catalogues (and/or any others you find) and then revert to reviews/specs for the off-the-shelf product to decide which machine. The modification does not affect the machine's underlying performance and features.


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