multi region X BOX ?


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I'm new to this gaming stuff, but have heard the X-BOX plays dvd's well, with RGB output too.

Is there a CD ( like the PS2 region X ) that can be used to make the X BOX multiregion ?

Is it true that the X box plays DVD-R/DVD-RW and DVD+R/DVD+RW discs ?

Where's the cheapest on-line site for the X box ?


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Yes it's true that you can make the xbox multi region. There is a disk called regionX which allows you to do it, amazon have it for £17.99

MOST Xboxes will recognise MOST DVD-R/Ws and DVD+R/Ws, this really comes down to the type of DVD drive that is in the xbox, some people have really good ones which will read anything, others have naff ones which won't. There's no way of telling other than buying an xbox and having a go, no particular date or place of manufacture is better than another, it's just pot luck.

The price of the regionX disk is a little steep if you ask me, you'd be better buying an xbox with a modchip installed these allow you to run "backed-up" games as well as home written prgrams such DVDX 2, this is a dvd player that doesn't need the offical MS infra red dongle to play dvds. They are also effectively region free machines once they are chipped. The cost of a pre-modified Xbox is £220, the official dvd play back kit and the regionx disk are nearly £40 together. [Illegal suggestion moderated]

One last point, if you have now, or will in the future have a TV/plasma/projector that can take component inputs then the xbox can output a component video signal, too. In fact it can do better than that, it can output a progressive scan component signal, from games and dvds.

Worth thinking about.



Actually, I don't think the RegionX for XBox has been released yet. (probably because it hasn't been developed yet) Amazon has listed it since before the XBox launched, and the release date keeps getting pushed back every month or so.


There isn't a RegionX disk yet for the Xbox.
If you get your console chipped then there are a few programs out there that will turn your Xbox into a region free DVD player (one doesn't even require a DVD dongle).


I had mine chipped, the guy then enabled DVD multiregion with a 'one-off' boot disk.
Very handy :D

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