Multi-region Tosh SD-220 and its "ful chip" ?


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Posted this elsewhere but got no response, so trying again.

I have a 3 year old Toshiba SD-220 that was multi-region at purchase.

Recently it has refused to play anything other than R2 discs so I spoke with Richer Sounds from whom I bought the otherwise perfect player.

Their response was that a chip within the machine was effectively "full" due to the number of times it had read R1 discs.

So 2 questions....

1/ Is this as daft as it sounds? I was never aware that multi-region players have a limit of the number of times they can be used.

2/ If this chip does not need replacing (cost £60), can anybody help me with a hack to return it to its pevious state?

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:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Oh dear!! No its not true! The SD220 uses a software mod not a chip. And even if it did use s chip, it doesn`t get "full" and stop working!!

Sometimes if you have a storm or a bad mains supply, your unit can factory reset and lose its settings, so as long as you are getting a region code error when trying to play non-R2 discs, it simply a case of the mod disc needs re-applying...


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I think what has probably happened here is that I have accidently restored the factory presets while unplugging the unit from the rear.

As Richer Sounds haven't sold the player for a while they don't have the relevant disc. (I suspect the "full chip" story and the accompanying £60 repair quote was just a fob off).

So the question is..... does anybody have a software hack for the Tosh SD220 ?


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Greatly appreciate your efforts, but I am struggling to burn this correctly I think.

Followed your procedure using Nero but it copies it to "virtual device" and when I check the disc afterwards it appears empty.

I tried an alternative method;

Right click on .cue file and "send to" - F: (my burner).

This disc also fails, but at least this time the file can be seen on the CD.

Any more ideas?


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get the free edtion of nero

make sure you extract the downloaded file first with winrar or winzip

open up nero burning rom not the quick express then at top choose recorder then burn image a box will come up point it to the cue file of proggy then another box will pop up with the speed and stuff

set write speed to about 8x and make sure it says disc at once not track at once

also in the top left of that make sure it says cd and you are not burning it to a virtual image

then click burn i just did it with no probs


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Cheers for your continued help........ I'll try again tomorrow...........



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Right OK.......... this is now developing into lessons in using NERO rather than me hacking my Tosh.

I now have 2 CDs, neither of which work.

Disc 1 has a ".cue" file on it and Disc 2 has an "image" file on it. The player wont look at either disc.

Apologies for my incompetence.


SOMEBODY know how return stock flash memory for JAMO 593 and other jamo 593 make all disc region.. :lease:

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ricardotelestar said:
SOMEBODY know how return stock flash memory for JAMO 593 and other jamo 593 make all disc region.. :lease:

:rotfl: What has THIS got to do with a Tosh SD220 hack?

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