Multi Region hack for Bang & Olufsen DVD1?


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Hi - does anyone know if a multi region hack exists for this player or if not, a supplier who offers an upgrade.




I'm told by my local friendly B&O dealer that yes there is an electronic hack that can be made but it immediately invalidates your B&O warranty. His advice was to wait until the warranty ran out, then have it done. I believe that the "hack" involves adding a small circuit board to the internals of the DVD1. The circuit board comes from a small Danish firm.

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This is probably far too late for you Paul, but I've just learned two things:

1. There is a great website for Bang & Olufsen owners:

2. There is an easy hack of sorts for the B&O DVD1

The hack is as follows:

DVD1 must be powered off (mains lead out), with no disk, and connected to a TV.
Hold down the << and >> keys and restore power. Release the keys.
The display will show "r02" or similar, indicating the current region setting for the player. Use the << or >> key to change the 02 to the region you want. Then press the play button. After a few seconds the TV screen will go blue and this shows that your DVD1 is now re-coded.

However: There appears to be no "multi-region" setting, although the first time I tried to modify my DVD1 the display showed "r--" but after that I could never get back to it! Maybe if I'd been smart enough to hit play straight away it may have made my DVD1 multi-region. Who knows?

Also, I believe that one can only change the region setting for the DVD1 twenty times before it does something nasty, like stick [permanently on the last region setting you chose.

Hope this is useful, even if somewhat belated.



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Hi, I seem to remember that this player can be hacked using a Palm organiser - with an infra red output. Somewhere there is a programme/code that will let you reprogramme the firmware via the infra red port - have a search out there and you should track the procedure down....

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