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I want to buy a multi-region dvd player and would like to hear some recomendations...

Also I am not to up on the tech side of things... If I buy a multi-region player will it play on any tv.... I will probably be buying a toshibaWH08b rear pro... or a sony 36FS70, will the multi region players work with these or what...

Also could anyone kindly tell me any good web sites for importing R1 DVDs... I live in Ireland....

Thanxxx to anyone who gives me some help...
Seeing as you said Ireland, I thought I'd reply.

I'm going with a Tosh 220e from The reason is it seems to have the best p&p price. I've searched all the other sites (including the continent, but they don't often do multiregion) and that looks the cheapest at str£28. All together that comes to €280, that's a saving of €100 from the high street, and that was not multiregion. 1 thing to remember about the Tosh 220e is to get firmware 1.4 or above (1.5 is out now). Just type Toshiba 220e into the search at the bottom of this forum to find out more about it.

For multiregion dvds, rocks. Less than €20 in most cases and about €25 - €28 for 2 disc sets. Also check out if you're into martial arts or other Hong Konganese flix. and play (check address with google) are 2 other popular ones. Just go into the DVD Talk forum and see who everyone is raving about at the time. No doubt you'll see many ppl giving out loads about each, but I've had no problems with anyone.

Anymore info wanted, just let me know.
Originally posted by snuffy1
Also could anyone kindly tell me any good web sites for importing R1 DVDs... I live in Ireland....

Thanxxx to anyone who gives me some help...

I live in Dublin and import all my DVDs from outside the British Isles. Remember if you import from Canada or the US you might be charged Duty plus VAT at 21% but this has never happened to me because I only order two or three items at a time.
Try the Following: (USA) (Canada) (Australia) because of the exchange rate it is often worthwhile buying here

Be aware that if you import from Jersey you may also be charged Duty and VAT (strange but true).

If you import from within the EU (you pay local VAT which is usually less than the 21% we pay in Ireland) there are no additional charges other than carriage (typically Euro from Germany).

With the exception of DVD players I import all my HI-FI and computer requirements from Germany.

When it comes to Multi-Region DVD players the UK is the best source (if you exclude Hong Kong) and I would recommend as a possible source but there are others who will ship to Ireland. Don't listen to dealers such as Richersounds (in Dublin) when they tell you that importing yourself is a bad idea as you will be supplied with a "Grey Import" with some exceptions everything on sale in Ireland comes from a UK distributor.
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