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Multi Monitors


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Hi there,
I've searched a few threads, but they don't quite cover my situation.

I've a PC in a 'play room', in which I already have a plasma TV, but am planning to install a projector too. I will also have a home cinema amp in the mix.

I've a GeForce6800 card that offers DVI, VGA & S-Video output.

I'd like to be able to use any of the devices as a monitor, but likely in isolation - i.e. I'm happy if the same image is sent to all, as I'll only have one switched on at a time.

I've a lot of options, but I guess a couple of simple questions first :

1) If the plasma & projector all take DVI, VGA & S-Video inputs - which offers the best quality?

2) The nVidia site says that I need to connect the S-Video directly to the TV, as going via my AV receiver will prevent the card from detecting the TV. As it would be handy to go via the amp, can you go direct for setup, but then switch to via the receiver for usage?

3) the guidance seems to be that whichever ports you use, you can only drive 2 monitors - correct?

4) There are conflicting opinions about whether splitters cause degradation - I can see that for the analogue outputs - but not the DVI? (Cable runs : card to TV/Amp ~3m; card to PJ ~12m)

The answers to the above will change my thinking, but some options are :

a) DVI to monitor; S-Video to AV receiver, then from it to TV & PJ (up-converted to component :thumbsup: )

b) VGA to monitor; use a DVI splitter to TV & PJ

c) erm, variations on the above.....

Sorry for the long question, but all help appreciated!



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I'd go for option B if I were you, as S-Video is pretty dire for PC use and will give you a low resolution.


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1) DVI
2) You can force TV detection with the drivers, although probably best to capture the EDID stuff first (by doing like you said, first straight then via receiver).
3) Dunno I have 2 monitors being driven from my 6800ultra, but both are on DVI, I would think you could use Svideo too, but honestly you won't want to.

For 4 I am not 100% but forget the svideo option, it will only do 576i which is rubbish.

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