Multi-Monitor / HDMI & HDR Question


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Hi all,

Is there an issue with Windows removing the HDR/WCG settings from the display control panel if a secondary HDMI device is being detected as non HDR compatible?

I have just purchased a Philips 4K 436M6 screen that is HDR compatible and am using the DP input to take advantage of its VRR capabilities with my Nvidia card but when I connect my Yamaha RX-V373 via one of the spare HDMI outs on my graphics card for audio, I loose all mention of HDR in Windows. Its like Windows is detecting that one of my devices (Yammy) isn't HDR compatible (which it isn't) but applying that answer to my connected screen.

I suppose I could revert to Coax or optical for audio but that then removes any HD-Audio formats from being played.



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Yeah thats a tricky one, you could try messing around with ultramon it has an ignore monitors feature, maybe it can isolate the yamaha so windows thinks only the Philips is connected.

Boxes like the HD Fury vertex can split HDMI video/audio so windows would never see the yamaha that way. There are some cheap HDMI 4K HDR 1 in 2 out splitters on the market too, those do both video/audio though where as the vertex can split the audio off.


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Thanks buddy, I thought as much.

I'm using an optical cable for audio and since its only a 2ch setup its not the end of the world.

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