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    I have been looking at a variety of multi disc changer,( $150-200) mostly Onkyo Panasonic and Sony. I am not more than an enrty level kinda guy so I just want a few options. Most importantly a player that does a random shuffle on all the audio discs. i listen to alot of cd rw disc and like being able to float around. I also make dvd +r -r disc to play. I see that most new models read just about everything these days.
    My question is, after reading numerous reviews of the various models I see where there are lots of limitations in fine prints saying "this unit may not play this or this kind of disc.....based on how it was recorded condition of the disc". I have a 4 year old Panasonic and the reason I want a new one is it skips on my cdrw disc, not all, not all the time but it is driving me crazy. So do they really play all these types( my disc are always in pristine shape) or are there some units better than others?
    I have other Onkyo components, I see these are a little pricier, worth the cost?

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