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I'm mulling over the idea of upgrading my current setup. As things stand I have an oldish marantz stereo amp running my two front channels and a yamaha DSP800 working as a processor and powering the centre and rear channels.

What I'm wondering is how good a multi channel power amp (such as a Rotel 1066) is at music. I would split the use probably 50:50 music and films but I really want very good music as a priority so would be happier compromising on film reproduction if I had to.

In a recent thread on here someone mentioned using the rotel to biamp the front three channels and the processor to run the rear two. Is this a preferable solution for what I want?

Lastly, what other alternatives do people recommend for this job (apart from the rotel I mentioned)?

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I've personally found that you really can't compromise if you want the best of both worlds (music and movies) since most av receivers (even some higher end ones) can't compete with a designated stereo amplifier for music.
The way I have gone is to buy an av receiver that's good with movies (that has pre-outs- in my case it was the AVR3802) and add an integrated and power amp to bi-amp my front end for music.

I'm very happy with my Denon AVR3802 for movies and my A75+/p80 for music but if you only want a one box solution then you'll have to audition till your happy with one that gives you a good compromise (if that's possible?)

I hope you find something that suits your requirements:hiya:


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Just my penny's worth as well....I've also found that few AV amps/receivers are good competition for dedicated stereo amps in their price range.

The Rotel is a very good AV amp,but tends to a pretty up-front delivery,ideal for AV,but a little less so on music.

The high end ranges sch as Krell,Bryston,Theta and Meridian do very well on all sources,but obviously at a price.

In your price range,the Rotel would probably be my choice,and you have to decide how much of a compromise you're willing to make on each issue....sound quality,power,convenience etc.
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