Mulholland Dr. 4K UHD - Criterion vs StudioCanal


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I'm sorry, but please relate excatly what is wrong with the Criterion disc that warrants your disapproval of it?
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I'm not defending anyone. I'm at a loss as to what is actually wrong with the Criterion Disc to warrant the rhetoric being exhibited by some within this thread?. There are no bad reviews of it and doubt anyone who bought one is regretting it either?

Yeah, moan about something if it is actually faulty or if it is badly done, but this doesn't appear to be the case?????

If I were defending them then why would I need to? They don't appear to have done anything wrong.
Check the Criterion threads at the other place. They arent the bestest of the bestest that their fanboys like to claim they are. Theyre usually very good but not perfect.


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I've never said that they are the bestest of the bestest.

Again, Im at a loss as to why you are critising them or what it is they've done to warrant such critism. Have you even watched the Criterion release?

There's no disputing that the SC release may in deed be the better option due to the differences with the endcoding, but there's nothing about the Criterion release that warrants trying to trash it or anything that suggests Criterion have done something adversely wrong. I'm pretty damn sure that whichever release people have that they'll be happy with it regardless of wheher it originated from StudioCanal or Criterion?


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Can anyone who's seen both versions please just deliver us from evil and post some highlights of what the main differences are between the two encodes of the exact same transfer?

the thing wnn

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I only have the Crit 4K of this as had some vouchers to use so got it 'for free' - It looks amazing IMHO on my calibrated OLED. I'm sure the SC version is slightly better as FiM encodes are the world standard, BUT (and in my eyes a nice big BUT!) on the avergae screen at the average viewing distance I doubt theres much of a difference to notice between the 2 in motion - maybe 1-2% I'd hazard a guess at, most of the film I doubt you'd know which one you were watching. If extras are your thing then check which set meets your requiirements, and obviously cost too as the standard UK release will be a damn sight cheaper than the Crit to get (unless like me you have US funds to use) - so for a UK buyer I'd say buy the UK release as its probably slightly better and a fair bit cheaper.
Whatever one you plump for, definitely buy it though as its an AMAZING film :)

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