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Muffled Audio On Sony DAV-S880 - Subtitle Issue - Users please read

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Rancho, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Rancho


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    Well after correspondence with Sam from this forum (greetings mate) I decided to write to the two biggest german audio/video magazine's and report the DAV series subtitle problem to them.

    Previously I had phone calls with Sony Germany customer support and Sony authorized service center, both told me there was no such issue reported before and I would have to turn my unit in for checking on my own costs with a repair time from 1 to 2 weeks. Unsatisfactory if you ask me.

    The subtitle issue seems to boil down to a Syskon software issue which is the control software or BIOS so to speak of DAV units. Affected version is 1.07 but Sony seems to do not know about it, pretends to do not know about it or wants to keep it all under clothes and in silence. Reportedly version 1.24 or higher which may be applied by a CD update procedure (not verified) or a control board replacement (verified) seems to fix the whole issue.

    We will see how things turn out. I'll keep this thread updated with upcoming development.

    After having the unit tested over the weekend, I must they it is better in looks than in sound. While DVD playback is very good in my honest opinion the unit is real crap when it comes to CD or Radio station listening.

    CD sound is muffled with nearly no definition between high and mid frequencies. The same applies to tuner mode. I am very disappointed by this but it is probably my fault, because I only listened to it in a store during DVD playback. Another thing I find really annoying is that there is no 4/5 channel stereo passthrough, so that you have to enable 'surround' mode to get any sound from the rear speakers when listening to stereo sources. The unit doesn't even allow basic bass and treble management. Bummer... Even my 150€ PC speaker system sounds better with music CD's than the 1099€ DAV-S880.

    If it were not for the awesome design that suits my apartment...

    Well if you made any experiences that are different from mine or have any useful suggestions how to improve my setup please leave a reply.


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