MUFC v West Ham Utd


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I swapped my usual seat in the Stretford End with my mate who sits very near the front rows. I managed to sneak in my gear and grab nearly 950 shots:eek:

Here's a selection of what I have processed so far.
I haven't really adjusted much though. I shot in RAW and adjusted WB and saturation of the green grass which seemed to be quite high.

Not up to Bristol Pete's standard but quite pleased anyway

Ronaldo on the ball.
Rio and Dean Ashton were slugging it all day. Great contest of two big guys!

Acrobatic challenge beating Giggs to the ball

Tevez working his socks off as usual. Scored a great goal against his former club
Rio immense once again defending the box
Evra - another fearless defender who has given everything this season.
Ronaldo using his head. Gifted with all round talent that boy!
Ronaldo again using his feet this time.
Rio doing the biz

Tevez with his usual determination


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Nicky Butt is our secret weapon!
Its time to reactivate our sleeper.:thumbsup::devil:


Nice set and very lucky to get in close with your kit...I watched the match on telly and saw a guy with a dslr at in the front rows....maybe it was you:)

Did you have a white t-shirt on with short maybe balding hair?:D

Anyway they are my team too....two games to glory,fungers crossed.

Love the tevez one:smashin:


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I think 'cos it was last home game of the season that the stewards were a little relaxed regarding cameras.
Never quite understand the logic though given that nearly everyone has a p&s or camera phone which nobody bothers with.


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I have worked OT many times an often see DSLR's in the crowd, just be careful where you post the pictures

Dataco T&T

Football Dataco Limited Licence Restrictions

These restrictions apply to photographs taken of the following:

* FA Premier League (FAPL);
* Football League (FL);
* Carling Cup (including Final);
* Friendlies when FAPL or FL clubs at home;
* FA Cup (up to, but not including, semi-final); and
* any photographs taken at any time in a stadium of one of the FAPL or FL clubs

(together Dataco Photos).
Permitted uses of Dataco Photos
1. Printed Publications

* Newspaper (and identical online version of the newspaper with the same branding).
* Newspaper supplement sold with the newspaper and if on newsprint, no larger than the newspaper and if glossy, not based solely on any club, player or players.
* Special local edition of a newspaper where content relating to a club is incorporated into the general content of the newspaper.
* Magazine sold regularly and not devoted solely to any player or club.
* Book not solely devoted to a league, competition, division, club, player or match and not featuring just one league, competition, division, club, player or match. Book title must not contain official name of a league, club or competition.
* Wraparounds and inserts for competitions (other than fantasy football) contained in newspaper or supplement.
* Poster (single or double sided) sold with a newspaper/magazine provided it (meaning both sides if double sided) is not based on a single league or competition and does not feature less than 4 players representing less than 4 clubs, there is no undue prominence to any player or club and it contains the official competition name and logo and the name of the newspaper/magazine.
* Partworks

2. New Media Use in a news context

* You must obtain an End User Licence from Football Dataco Limited for any new media use and you must abide by the restrictions contained in the End User Licence including those in relation to:
* the type of new media service in which the Dataco Photos may be published;
* the number of Dataco Photos that may be published and the time windows during which Dataco Photos may be published during an in-match new media service;
* the minimum photographic coverage of other matches played concurrently in the same division for in-match services; and
* publication of sequences of stills during and after matches.
* Use of Dataco Photos must be in a news context.
* New media services must not be structured, offered, titled, described or promoted as a live™ or ˜near live"™ service.
* ˜Two click™ principle “ users of the new media services must initially access a general sport or English, European or world football based directory/page and must subsequently make a second click to select a specific match.
* Your new media services must incorporate conditions of use that prohibit unauthorised reproduction of photos.

3. Advertising and Marketing

* Use in advertising and marketing material is permitted only after the conclusion of the applicable match.
* Where advertising and marketing material relates to the printed publications listed in paragraph 1 above, use of Dataco Photos is permitted in such advertising and marketing material (produced in any media) as long as two or more players are featured.
* Use of Dataco Photos in any other advertising and marketing material may be permitted by the FAPL / FL on a case by case basis, provided that four or more players, each from a different club, are featured. You must obtain the prior written consent of the applicable league for your proposed use.

General restrictions on use of Dataco Photos

* No publication or service (printed or new media) may be structured, titled, offered, described or promoted as an official club or league publication / service nor as a single club publication / service. This includes a prohibition on a publication / service where content is based substantially on a single club, or branded or promoted on a single club basis.
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* No manipulation to obscure or remove sponsor’s name or logo, other than as a consequence of good faith cropping.
* No high quality, printed to order hard copy photos (or allowing digital download or any other method of supply of such photos) for sale to an individual consumer.

Note: If you have received authorisation from the FAPL or FL as applicable, Football Dataco Limited and the clubs for use of a Dataco Photo, these restrictions do not apply.

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