Much difference Hitachi 42PD6600 and the 42PD7200


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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi all

Is there much difference between these two models Hitachi 42PD6600 and the 42PD7200?
Seen them both in comet and currys and to be honest i didn't notice any difference between the picture.
I'm guessing there must be as there is a big price difference.

Really stuck at the moment as for what plasma to go for have a choice of 4.
Basically the same screen.
Although the 6600 doesn't have "picture master" apparently.
Personally, I don't think that's much of a loss, although I haven't seen a 6600.
My 7200 is very good, IMO and if you think there isn't much difference, I'd say go for the 6600.
At £15-1600, that is.
You could then use the spare cash for a SKY HD box or HD DVD, when they come out.
I think the Currys price is now £1900ish?
If that's the case go for the 7200.

HTH :smashin:
Just posted in another thread but thought this might be relevant
I had the 6600 set till Tuesday , I was not impressed by the screen at all.
Poor sky picture
sky remote code does not work properly
Looks ugly
difficult to change between inputs
loads of solarisation
blacks are grey
flickers on sky
not enough settings
grey bars on 4:3

I sent it back and was going to get the pioneer 436 however I had a look at the Hitachi 7200 in a shop and had a real good play with it
I really liked it
The sky picture is great and very clear , inputs are all on the remote, blacks are gooand the kids love it as it has a motorised swivel stand.It alkso has tow HDMI inputs one for DVD and one for Sky HD next year.
Well worth an extra £400 in my opinion
If you have not had yours for two weeks yet and ordered over the net get it back as soon as you can!
You will not regret it at all
An all together superior set
The settings that people have put on here to watch the 6600 in are only disguising what a poor screen it is and making the picture dark and out of focus.
People seem to think they are the same screen but they are obviosuly not, the difference may not be noticable in the shop but at home it will be
IMHO there's no comparison between the 7200 and 6600. The 42PD7200 is by far better, always IMHO. I would prefer the 42PD5200 rather than the 42PD6600, in all terms, estetically and in picture quality too. Settings are pretty poor on the 6600.

Cheers :hiya:
camorra said:
I would prefer the 42PD5200 rather than the 42PD6600, in all terms, estetically and in picture quality too. Settings are pretty poor on the 6600.

Cheers :hiya:

That is interesting, had this debate with a friend at the weekend who like me has a 42PD5200 and he suggested the 42PD6600 was an upgrade. It's obviously newer - and it has more Scarts than the 5200 - but is there anything that is better on the 6600 than the "benchmark" 5200 ?
IMHO PQ on 5200 is better. Connections are rather more
HD oriented on the 6600.

Hope this helps :clap:
I had a 6600. A week later I swapped it for a 7200!!!!

I found the PQ very grainy in any 'darker' pictures as my main grumble with the 6600.

Felt like I spent £2k with the 7200.
Felt like I spent £200 with the 6600 (I paid £1500)

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