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    Hi guys,

    I'm having issues importing MTS files into Avid. I have a trial version of Sony Vegas installed, as it seems that is the only software I can find that can read the files, and I have followed a friend's suggestion of converting the files to .mov using the animation setting. This seems to give good results quality wise (though I am only looking at it on my computer monitor - I'm not sure how it will look on a cinema screen) but the .mov files are absolutely massive, so big infact that it's near impossible to edit with them with Avid. I've concluded that I'm going to have the edit the scenes in a lower res, and then once the edit is locked, replace the video files with HD ones. In the mean time I came up with the idea to print the .MTS files from Sony Vegas on to a SD tape therefore, I know I can capture and edit the footage. I did this using the following settings: Print video to tape -- Video output: Pal DV widescreen -- Enable multichannel mapping: off.

    But the video is left with horizontal lines across the screen everytime the camera moves. I've think I've heard someone call this an interlacing problem? But at the risk of sounding stupid I don't know what that means or even if that is what is causing the problem. Any ideas (a) how I can import MTS files into Avid or (b) what I can do about this stripy footage?


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