Mt60d or focal dome 5.1


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Advise help what do I buy. I want best cinema sound

What will. Blow me away

Ps I've only heard kef 3005se. And a Bose life style how do the above compare

Need to buy one of above package ASAP been advised focal is better then the m1s and I'm just paint mega bucks for a sub is focal better or is the mt60d package best

Help what do I buy all advise welcome.


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The Focals and B&W will be a lot better than the Bose and a little bit better than the Kefs. Both are good speakers but which is best for you will be down to your own personal taste.
I have heard the M1s in the B&W set and they are very good for their size. Not heard the Focals but read good things about them and I have liked every focal speaker I have heard (700/800/Eutopia) so would expect them to be good.
The price of the B&W package is inflated due to the high price of the packaged sub. You would be better just buying 5 M1 speakers and then getting a BK Electronics sub. These offer much better value for money hence you will be able to get a better sounding sub and pay less as well.
Why the rush to buy so quickly and why only these 2 packages? You should reall go and listen first and let your own ears decide. For similar money you could also look at the Monitor Audio Radius and Apex ranges.


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These were the two packages I just decided on

We're would I be able to listen to them

Really need my speaker package ASAP been looking for ages and really need to decide

My room is four metres by three and half meters

£1500. Focal dome 5.1 All in including cables an leads chord rumour at front three an chrod leyline at back two

£2080 for the b&w mt60d package all leads cables

Said would ring back this morn really need help choosing what will sound or be the most amazing for me


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Do you have any local hifi/AV specialists nearby that you can demo these in?
What receiver will you be using them with?
As I said above I would not look to get these as a package but get the satelite speakers and then get a separate sub as this will get you better bass for less money.
The M1s are good for their size but you can get so much better for £2k if going for conventional standmount speakers.
Sound prefererence is very person so I may prefer one of the options but that does not mean you will. This is why listening to both yourself is the best option. If you do not have a 5.1 system at the moment then both will blow you away compared to your TV speakers.


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Just bought the mt60d package thought about the money then thought may as well get it all sweet can't wait

Have day to plug in ready

Yamaha a1010

Blu ray son bdp s790

can't wait

Just got Sony w2000 6year old tv at moment but looking to upgrade to the Panasonic flag ship

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