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    I have posted recently about my findings
    with the toshiba MT-7 and can now add the
    use of a DEUCE HD scaler to the list.

    Component DVD Player interlaced

    : very good contrast, detail is good, a little noisy,
    colour accuaracy takes some tweaking. A few artifacts
    on diagonals and moving shots.

    Component DVD player progressive

    : Better brightness, detail better still, still a little noisy.


    : Best resolution is 1280 x 960 into 1280 x 720 panel,
    feed on thru (1-1) pixel mode. Run at 75hz for PAL, 72 for NTSC.
    Picture detail is the best this method, colour accuracy
    greatly improved. Best combo RADEON + winDVD.
    Problems with tearing that will not go away with any
    refresh rate, 60hz keeps tearing stable.

    Component DVD player with ISCAN.

    : Artifacts more or less completely gone in 480p.
    Unfortunately MT-7 wont suport 625p for PAL.

    Component DVD player with DEUCE HD 720p

    : Similar results with ISCAN but less noise. Run at
    720p, fine in NTSC at 60hz but projector won't lock
    to 50hz 720p, similar problem with the SHARP 9000
    I believe.
    Deuce Seemed to be smoother picture than the ISCAN
    although there was a little flicker with the DEUCE
    for some reason.

    So in summary progressive makes a decent improvement, the only
    way of getting native 720p is through the deuce HD using component.
    Or a computer at 1280x960 through RGB but gives tearing.

    No way of getting PAL progressive at this time.

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