MST Blank Screen on Resume

Cafe Racer

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I had this issue before, but the latest version of MST (beta) solved it, but now it seems to be back in a slightly different guise.

This time I seem to get display adaptor problems - sometimes it starts in 16 Colours, sometimes without the Nvidia drivers loaded so there is no nVidia control panel, sometimes it loads with different resolution settings and often it won't let me change them without a reboot, or just rebooting brings the settings back properly.

I'll reiterate that this has only just recently started happening again (two weeks or so).

I notice that on the debug tab there are two drop downs with some nVidia specific settings - but I have no idea what these should be set to. :blush:

Any help to debug appreciated...

P.S. This is the missus' MCE box, so I'm getting no peace at all :rolleyes:

Cafe Racer

Novice Member
Just a quick update - I couldn't get this working. Doing my 'ed in it was.

New nVidia drivers out the other day so I thought I'd try them - couldn't even get the TV output to work (this MCE is connected to a Sony 32" CRT via S-Video) although it works fine on the other MCE (40" Samsung LCD via DVI).

Uninstalled the drivers and mucked around for a while, then took some advice I read on degroenekoop (sp?) and rolled back to earlier drivers - Forceware 81.85 (difficult to find on, so google it). It works fine; resumes and everything. I can't see anything in later driver's release notes that'll give me anything, so I'll stick with these I think.

Just thought it might be useful for someone else.

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