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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by pacificdragon, Apr 19, 2007.

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    I'll start by saying I still haven't found an application I can download with MSN Messenger on it however I have found a way which allows me to use Messenger live on my N95.

    After you do a google search for msn messenger you can log in online using your windows i.d. user name and password. This should allow you to see your contacts and send receive messages etc.

    I have saved the URL in my bookmarks, the URL is

    When you have finished chatting online etc do not sign out,, hit the options button and then exit so it takes you off your GPRS data session.

    Then next time you go online by either going to your bookmarks and selecting messenger or your online doing other internet activity you can select MSN from your bookmarks and it takes you straight to your account already signed in. This saves you having to enter your user name and password.

    I've been told by my friends that I appear as a yellow icon ( online on mobile ) however I have not been charged by messenger to send / receive messages nor does my service provider charge me as I am on the web n walk tariff so my data sessions do not cost me anything over and above my monthly line rental...

    I would still prefer a MSN icon on my phone however I found this almost just as easy to use msn...

    Just for the information of other N95 users who use MSN,

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