MSI Media Live SCART out problem


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If anyone has an MSI Media Live HTPC out there can they let me know if the SCART out worked straight out of the box for them as I've tried the various jumper settings to no avail.

When I connect a (non HDTV) TV via the SCART lead and try to select the TV from the "display devices" section of the Nvidia settings as per the manual, it tells me that I have an HDTV connected but if I try to select it the TV screen goes from black to black with white diagonal lines down it for 10 seconds before reverting back to displaying on the monitor.

I have even tried changing the video format (eg PAL-N) but still no joy.

If anyone out there can help I'd be gratefull. The PC itself is great, easy to assemble, quiet and small enough to sit in your living room but not being able to use the TV with it kind of defeats the purpose.




MSI Media Live Machine - Scart-Out Issue!!

I hear you've been experiencing problems with the Scart-Out socket on the Media Live Machine.

I've recently purchase a MSI Media Live with Vista Home installed on the system and works perfectly without any problems with all the updates from the MSI web-site, but trying to configure the Scart-Out on the Motherboard itself, but it doesn't seem recognize the signal from the Media Live to the Scart-IN on the TV even if you’ve adjusted the jumpers setting on the MSI motherboard and still fails to work.

I'm still investigating trying to get it working, but if had any luck please I would be grateful if you could let me know.




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I've got the same problem, if I keep the Windows drivers I can use my TV-out.
But then I can't use my monitor and tv at the same time, and windows drivers suck.

So I installed nVidia drivers, and since then it started to think my regular tv is HD :mad:
I recognize the same distorted image on my TV from when I connected my Xbox360 with HD settings.

Anyone fixed this issue yet?

Thanks in advance

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