Msi gtx 970 getting very hot


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Sep 30, 2009
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Morning. Was playing ark last night on a stock gtx 970 and when I came to unplug my monitor etc I could feel the back of the pc was really warm so decided to take the side panel off to investigate. The cooler pipes were untouchable on the 970, which I haven't noticed before but have noticed a sudden drop in graphics quality and performance where just running in ark can be very slow paced and jerky in its movement so I'm guessing it's throttling back a bit . Anyway , the only thing I can think that's maybe causing this is that I had my monitor plugged in via dvi and my TV was also plugged in via hdmi (but TV wasn't showing the pc screen only my monitor was) so I'm wondering if the gtx was doing outputting in "dual monitor" style even though the TV was on buy not showing the pc . Thus causing the card to get really hot ???
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Very few games explicitly support multiple monitors. Unless you had them set up in surround mode to pretend to be a single large screen then it's unlikely ARK was trying to render to it.

Adding additional monitors can disable power saving features so that may be causing the higher temperatures if you had performance limiters in place (frame rate limits, Vsync etc.). It shouldn't be causing throttling in any situation though, the cooling system should be designed to cope with the card's heat output under the worst situation.

Is the fan definitely still working?

I'd probably be looking at quality settings, particularly if you've tinkered with them in the driver or recently updated the drivers or game.
Yeh the fans still working - I installed msi gaming app to start the fans up to cool down. The quality is set at high in ark. I'll give it another look tonight with hwmonitor running to see what's going on but that surround mode as a single large monitor could have been what's going on as I hadn't set any multiple monitor up in the nvidia options. Thanks for the reply BTW
After 2 hours on ark hwmonitor shows that the gpu got to 73c max , I couldn't feel too much warm air coming out the case like I did last night. ..that was proper warm air. Cpu got to 44c ... dropped it back to stock . Not sure if 73c is a reasonable temperature or not? ?
The stuttering I'm experiencing I had it again last night . I'm wondering if the 3.5gb vram is starting to show its head ? Anyway it's only started doing this the past week or so. Have now started a rma process for a full refund from amazon and will then buy a sapphire nitro r9 390
The GTX 970 has 4GB of memory capacity, but 1/8 of it operates at a different speed. It's unlikely to be an issue with any game released more than a couple of months after developers became aware of the behaviour. You never need maximum speed from absolutely all of the memory so the only issue was stuff that needed to be fast getting loaded into the slow bit.

The temperature sounds fine too. If you've reinstalled the drivers and reset all their settings it could potentially be a dying card. Are you seeing any artefacts or visual corruption?
I've noticed white snow dots Tuesday evening which I'd never noticed before but expected to see them all the time ... these were intermittent. Had 75c Tuesday night . As well as the severe drop in performance where it's like it shouldn't be on high setting , and more on low or medium the card was overwhelmed with what it had to do...everything was slow motion and I've noticed almost like motion bars where parts of the screen can't keep up with a section below it like for example an inch of your screen would be moving at a different speed. I'm a bit weary of another msi gtx 970 now after getting these problems less than 9 months of light use and only starting to stretch it's legs now - and it's struggling. With a refund I can buy the sapphire r9 390 playing at 1080p with the very possible upgrade to 1440p ... is the 970 still the card to have ?
Just seen a video of ark with fraps enabled etc showing it currently using 3gb vram @ 1080p

I think that's just made the decision for me
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If you're seeing artefacts when running at stock speeds that is not normal behaviour. Generally it's either driver issues or hardware failure.

I wouldn't let you put that off another GTX 970 if that suits you better - nobody makes hardware immune to failure - but the R9 390 certainly has a lot to recommend it too.

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