MS309i or Q Accoustics Q-AV wall mount sub

Dany B

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Looking at these to subvs as my budget is up to £225, The rest of my system is Onkyo HT-R518 receiver, MS 902i fronts, mission M7C centre and Q-AV wall mounted rears(coving level)

am I looking on the right track or is there something out there I could also look towards?

Thanks for your time


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The 309 is definitely a good choice and is the one I'd go for out of those two.
Just looking on the Q Acoustics site and it doesn't give any freq specs for the Q-AV.
Whilst it might have an edge with music, because of it's smaller 8" driver, I doubt it.
I found the 309 to be very good with music and would expect it to go deeper and probably louder too, But then I've not heard a Q-AV, so it might be worth listening to both.
The 309 definitely has a couple of advantages though. It has a single band EQ that can be used to reduce a boomy frequency range, which might prove extremely useful ;)
and it would also match the 902s for looks. I always liked that ally driver :smashin:
Although, you probably know brand matching is not important when it comes to subs.


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Yes, a good question which has been asked before :smashin:

Similar sized boxes, both ported, the 309 has more power and a bigger driver.
Yet the freq specs are identical :confused:

I'd still go for the 309, but haven't heard the Alumni.

Hmm, getting a demo might be a bit awkward, I guess :thumbsdow

That said, if you do a search through the threads for people's thoughts on the 309, you'll see that there aren't many people (if any?) who don't like it.
Maybe that might be enough to persuade you to buy blind? :rolleyes:

I know it's not ideal, but fwiw I'd be 95% confident in saying that the 309 is the best of the three for all round general listening.
It's also interesting to note that from a quick glance on the net, the 309 is more expensive than the Alumni, even though it's been end of the line for about 18 months :confused:
Read into that what you will :)

Your choice :)

Dany B

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I best look for the best deal on the 309i then, I have seen a used one on an auction site for £170 buy now? worth it?


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I'm pretty sure you can buy them new for not much more than that.
I'd mooch around first, as you say and see what you can get one for :smashin:

Dany B

Standard Member is best deal I have founs at £215 with a 5m lead and free P&P. Just put a wanted add up to see if any other option pop up overnight but feel I might be ordering the 309i tomorrow :D

Thanks for your help.:smashin:

Dany B

Standard Member
well guys.. gone against my word and been sitting with the misses and laptop!!! ended up ordering the Q accoustics subwoofer:rotfl:


Distinguished Member
You should never get the missus involved mate :thumbsdow

Would she get involved in servicing your car?

I'm only joking mate :D

I'm sure it'll do a good job :smashin:

Let us know what you think of it, when you get it setup :)

Dany B

Standard Member
I get away with most things such as wild cars etc but the front room is her zone!! haha I am hoping to be set up mon/tues so a little playing on the set up next week and I will report back.. Thinking my mission centre could be the let down from the set up with it being an early one but will see how it sounds when I can finally run full 5.1:D

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