MS308 port distortion



Hi people, i'm new here, but as far as i can see this is the place to ask a question about my sub.

I've had it for around a year now and its served me fairly well but recently, when cranking it up, even at moderate levels the air moving in and out of the single front firing port is distorting and making a really annoying noise.

It never really used to do this and im at a loss. any ideas before i take it back to the shop?


Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Have you moved it or put something nearby? This can often cause the "chuffing." You can adjust the resonant frequency of the sub by placing something heavy on the top- a book or suchlike will often do the trick. This can often cancle out the resonace altogether. The worst case scenario is that you have actually damaged the driver surround and this can often make a bad noise as well. If the problems persist, consult your dealer.
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