MS Word 2011 for Mac - display quirk?

Kazuya Mishima

Active Member
Hi, this is driving me nuts and I can't find the answer...

I think I changed one of the options (don't know why) and now all my pages within Word 2011 (for Mac) have a faint dotted line around them - almost like some kind of text boundary. If there are graphics on page then the boundary only appears around chunks of text. It's very ugly. I can't remember how I did this and I don't know how to undo it.

Solution anyone?



Distinguished Member
had a play around in word 2011 to try and re-create your problem, could we get a screenshot?

Kazuya Mishima

Active Member
ok, here is a screenshot (link)


Kazuya Mishima

Active Member
Thanks for the suggestion but that didn't do it....

I *think* it was something to do with showing printable area or somesuch.....must have turned on some menu option that is buried within a few layers and now cannot find it again....looks a mess!

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