MS ripping of indie developers........ or


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Sour indie developer cutting and running with profits screwing gamers?

Polytron Corporation » Blog Archive » We're not going to patch the patch

I cant help but feel that is not the whole story, if it IS then MS are a disgrace, however equally if it is then the devs must have the business savvy of a teabag.

they are claiming THEY paid MS for the "privilege" of being locked into exclusivity with MS which is why they did not release on steam.

I smell BS on that TBH, if that was true why would ANYONE release a game exclusive to MS?

other games come on all platforms, so I reckon somewhere along the way they must have taken a fee from MS to be exclusive,

presumably the facts on patching were in the contract to begin with either they felt it was financially worth it to them OR they failed to read the contract they signed (unlikely surely a solicitor must be involved?)

either way, surely given the rise in popularity of steam MS are gonna have to look at these fees????. (doesnt bode well for Windows 8 market place either if true!


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Indie game the movie showed the Fez boy to be a bit unhinged from working on the game so long, smelled a bit of Duke Nukem Forever when I was watching it

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