MS Premiere 3xx cones' foam very flimsy


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Aug 9, 2006
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I got my MS PP setup for my PC. :clap:

Why does the black cone foam feels very flimsy as compared to my 9xx setup?

Tapping them, my 9xx feels way more taut. way more. 302/4 foams felt like breaking apart if i apply more afraid of blasting them. :(

I know PP is a budget HT, and the sats are smaller but are the foam supposed to be this flimsy? Is this aged stock or just a result of sat/sub setup?
Oops i think the better term is the foam surrounds. The rubbery/foamy part that fronts the cone to the cabinet.

I need assurance that i can go loud with these(PC heavy gaming :D ) or might have to seek an exchange.

The overall condition IS looking good, though a little budget in their built presentation. Its just the foams .... felt filmsy..

Please help MS reps or Premiere users or any one with sats/sub setup. :lease:
What amp are you using to run them?

I've been very happy with my Premier Plus system, it goes to neighbour baiting volumes without any problems with both games and movies. Obviously the sub has a big part to play in that, but I've never had any problem with the satellites.

Then again, I've never prodded my cones either.:D
Thanks matt. I haven set them up yet, only played with the PP subwoofer.

Thus im consulting for opinions why are the supposedly "new" PP sats' cones on the flimsy side.

I wonder if anyone kind enough to remove the grill(becareful with those as they are well flimsy too) and prod the foams for me? :hiya:
For gods sake stop prodding them! It doesn't tell you anything and at worst it will damage them.

They're only tiny cones. They don't need a massive heavy surround.

The surround is there to do two things. Provide a spring to return the cone to neutral and keep the cone central without allowing any sideways movement. There is normally a 'spider' behind the cone to help in both these regards. The smaller the cone, the lighter the duty these can be. There are other factors, such as the frequency range the unit is designed to cover, the strength of the motor assembly etc, which effect the design, but Mordaunt Short, with decades of experience, didn't suddenly decide to design a roll surround unsuited to the task.

If they weren't, believe me, you're in exactly the right place to have found out about it.:smashin:


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