MS Premier Speaker stands


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I've just bought a Mordaunt Short Premier 5.1 speaker set from Richer Sounds. I would like to put the front and rear pairs on stands. RS have Gale LS400 stands - would they be suitable? Any alternatives (that won't break the slightly fragile bank) would be helpful.



Ed Selley

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There used to be a dedicated Premiere stand called the 300P but we currently are revising it for the new edges on the prems. I would suggest that you have a look at the vast ranges from Omnimount or Vivanco as both should have something that fits the bill. I also know of one person who used an upright light stand from Habitat with a clamp designed to hold a light fixture and that worked quite well. There is also the 300M wall bracket available as well if you wanted to consider wall mounting.


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I picked up a pair of Vivanco stands from Makro a few months back for £30 inc VAT. They did the job well until I decided to wall mount my 302's. I ended up using brackets from Argos for £7.99 per pair. Does the job for me :smashin:
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