MS High Def Pack Revision?


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I just received a new official high def pack for my Xbox. I was expecting to get a short cable with a breakout box attached and a (thin) component cable (which I was going to replace) as per every picture I've seen about this product.

Instead I've received a cable that is much thicker (higher quality by the look of it) than the original cable with the optical out moulded to the Xbox plug end. The TV/PJ end has 5 very good quality gold phonos on it.

All in all I’m please I received this cable and not the box version, it seems really good quality.

When did MS start selling this cable? and does it produce a better quality picture than the original kit? (as I've not hooked it up yet).


For what it's worth, I also have the same version as you of the Hi-Def cable. Bought mine online on Lik-sang.com
I never had the previous version but with this one the results are great !! :thumbsup:

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yea same here, i got mine from lik-sang, i think the JAP version there was only 1 version and the US had 2 versions


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aahh....but the box version does have the benifit of allowing the use of 3rd Party high quality and long length cables (8m in my case)

the xbox360 has a fixed length version also

fairly easy to get round (AV Amp) - but limiting none the less......


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I've tested it on my PJ and the PQ is excellent, no ghosting and its crisp and colourful, pretty happy with it even if its not the design I was expecting :thumbsup:

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