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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by josecarlos, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Hello from Spain.
    I've just acquired a MS-Genie package plus a Marantz SR 4500 receiver and am very impressed with the fine sound (for both music and movies) that they deliver. But I've got some doubts and maybe problems:

    1- setup: with the crossover of the receiver in 100Hz, where do I put the sub crossover? 90Hz (as recommended by the retailer because it's a large subwoofer), maximum (and so let the receiver do its job)

    2- Subwoofer sensibity. With the sub in AUTO I find that -18dB are required from the receiver to set it on, while if it is in the ON position it starts to work with lees sound measures (-30dB, -40dB,...) Is this normal? It seem as if the sensibity of the subwoofer is not very appropiate. The sub and receivare are linked with a 10m coaxial cable already recommended by the retailer.

    3- Subwoofer volume. I need to put the sub volume at around 80% to get a sound measure of about the same level of the resting speakers. Is it normal? With the sub rated at 200 W, it seems a very poor output for me.

    My set-up is fixed with Small speaker, crossover at 100Hz and about 2,5m distance for all the speakers

    Thank you very much for the advice :)

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