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Hi guys and gals, i need a little help with a formula.

I need a formula that will do the following.

Some members of a team have a set target of lets say 10 per day, i need a formula that will show me of they are have made there target or not.

e.g i will input figs and then in another box it will show the same amount but in either Red for not meeting targets and Blue for meeting targets.

So if i input 9 it will show in red text or a red backround and if i input 11 it will show in blue etc.

Anyone able to give me a helping hand :)



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That sounds more like a conditional format than a formula and you wont need an extra column

select the cell range where you are inputting the figures. then format > conditional formating.

In there select value is less than and enter 10 in the box. then choose the colour for it. Then select Add>> and add another row which is greater than, and enter 9 in the box and choose the other colour. Hit OK


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I'm a little bored so thought i'd put together an all singing & dancing option for you.

I've used a bit of formula, conditional formatting and added in the weekly percentage that the target is met.

  • B2:B11 is used to set each individuals target
  • Columns with 'Day # Figures' are used to enter individuals daily figures
  • The '+/- Target' columns are locked as they automatically update
  • The 'Overall Weekly Target Met (%)' column is also locked and will automatically update.

The password to un-protect the spreadsheet is 'Target'

Can you tell I cant sleep??:boring: :boring:


  • DailyTargets.xls
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