MS Avant Premier Plus v MS Genie ( graded)?


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Peter Tyson have the Prem Plus for £479.90 ( + a £100 voucher off your next purchase ) and also have the Genie System ( graded stock ) for £459.90 - I am hopefully about to get a Panasonic 42PX60 and will mostly want this for SD Sky+ ,dvds,games - not really for music. Would one be better than the other for what I need? ( Any other suggestions would be gratefully received).
I dont have an amp/receiver of any type yet - would a Denon 1707 be ok for what I am suggesting? It would be fair to say I am financially embarrassed at the mo and cant afford to spend £500+ on an amp. Would a Sony 1200ES be a big improvement over the Denon ( About £100 dearer I think)?:lease:
If I went for the Prem Plus I could hopefully use the voucher for an amp - the denon is £260 incl delivery so would £160 be a good deal for the 1707? Please someone take a minute to guide me as I am hoping to order everything inside the next couple of days!!:lease:
hi ive got the MS Avant Premier Plus hooked up to my denon 3802 and i think they sound great. the new sony amp is supposed to be great, the plus points with the MS Avant Premier Plus is they sound better with movies than with music but still sound good with music, they dont look as good as the genies but its a matter of taste but their both good sets of speakers


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I have the MS Genie's hooked up with an HK AVR 230, my brother the Premiere's you mention hooked up to a Marantz receiver (can't remember exact model but it was in the £250 region when new). IMO, the Genies are the next step up in build and sound quality, but the Premiere's are still VFM. As long as you get a decent warranty with the Genies then I would go with those.

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