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Jul 11, 2003
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I jsut got an email saying I didn't have to worry about my Live sub running out in late march as I would just continue to pay £5 a month. Now, that's £60 a year and I can cancel and get a new membership for £40?

Doh, and MS are trying to get people to keep the same tags.
buy a starter kit from amazon for 30 quid.

put the code in on your live dashboard - hey presto 12 months for 30 quid, same gamertag and spare headset.


Originally posted by Stereo Steve
I want to change my Tag anyway, it sucks. Thinking of Dr. Bitchvicar next time.

as my post above - except cancel with MS first on the phone and then the next day set up a new account with your choice of gamertag (preferably a good one tho eh? ;) ) using the amazon live starter kit.
I got the same email but if you go to billing on your xbox there are 2 options.
One for £5 per month or £40 for 12 months just change it to 12 months & only £40 will be taken.
I seem to remember that thread now you mention it. Need to change tag anyway so I'll cancel a few days before and line up a new kit. I've also managed to snap my headset in half in fit of gaming silliness so a new one would be good.

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