MS 904 Speakers - Blown


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Hello everyone.
I recently acquired my new hi fi set up and it came with a set of Mordaunt Short MS904 speakers.

I consequently discovered that the tweeter has blown in one of the speakers. It has definitely blown, which is a shame.

I have tried a few places including RS to find a replacement, which is part number MS1T-3R5 but I am not having much luck. Lockwood, CHS and ebay have returned nothing. I have searched on here too, but most threads are years old.

Can anyone recommend anywhere for a replacement?

What options do I have for purchasing another readily available tweeter and installing that?

Do any of the other MS tweeters retrofit into this cabinet?



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thanks for your reply, i contacted Sontec and the part has been ordered. @£57.50

Of all the places I tried this was the only place that had it in stock. Speakers are pretty old so its to be expected.

thanks again, will post up with an update next week.
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