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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by fomoria, Mar 26, 2004.

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    Thought I would post my inital feelings about these speakers.
    They were bought as an upgrade from my mission 702e or M71i fronts (depending on whether I wanted to listen to music-M71i's or movies.)

    I must say that for a slightly 'budget' range speaker I am pretty amazed, even after only a few hours listening from new. I was a little worried about a shiny character to the sound after reading around, and I could not easily gain an audition, as my local RS store seems to use their demo room as a store ( good excuse or creative storage?)

    The speakers show excellent depth and clarity without being overly bright - imho. Tried with a number of albums so far and even with my kenwood 5050 amp I am very impressed. The bass is good without being too slow, even to the extent I have turned off my sub for music - never for movies though!!

    They aesthetics are top notch too, very nice indeed. All i need now is a new amp I suppose, and of course a new centre to match:D

    Best £150 spent in a long while. Kev.

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