mrs wants a fujifilm s1730 good bad?


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mrs has asked for this camera from santa, is it good are ther better available for the same money. or something cheaper that will do the same job. thanks in advance. i know nothing about cameras

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Those bridge cameras are kinda bulky - this has wider angle lens and same zoom range but is a compact but only half the ISO
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dunno if you got one yet but ive just snagged an s1730 from fuji refurbished for £89.99 delivered using code PSPEND

full warranty and look brand new :)


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Wife has the Fuji S1500 bridge. Brilliant little unit (And it is small even for a bridge camera)and the shots are well sharp. If I had a moan about it , it would be the sound on video playback when zooming in/out.

The battery door is a little flimsy - but as a camera it is cracking value.

I sometimes use it for shots to post goods on here and eBay so the quality is really good.

This is the model just before the 1 you are asking about so should be pretty much on par.

Hope my comments help.


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