Mrs not happy about pj in living room



Right fellas I'm new to the projector scene, been doing lots of reading
before finally posting...

just recently moved into new gaff so on a strictly limited budget at the moment:mad:

My mrs will let me have a pj as long as it does spoil the look of the living room, unfortunately cant go anywhere else. Now only reasonably priced options are panny ae200 and sanyo Z1, because of certain limitations of pj position i think it will have to be z1.

I've enclosed a layout of the room and need a few questions answered if poss

1) Is pj position in bottom right hand corner gonna be ok
2) what height should pj be set approx (must go on stand not ceiling)
3)For now gonna make own diy screen in 16.9 on frame which i can take down when not in use, considering pj /screen distance what size would you recommend.
screen is going to be hanging from ceiling
4) whats the chances of getting good second hand Z1 for cash


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as Z1 lens is on the LHS loook at rear of PJ and it has lens shift should be fairly easy. Z1 for cash S/H easy, just keep an eye out on classifieds is diagram to scale?
Z1 is short throw and 5m is long in no ambooent light a Z1 will go to 7' wide screen. howeverwith a throw of 5m you are getting a 3m wide image!!!!10 foot that is huge so perhaps bring screen closer and project 3m on to a 2m wide screen see: for more info:

going by your plan, a Z1 wont work in the position you've shown as the lense shift is only a 1/4 the screen width (your pic shows it would need to be the full screen width) and it dose not have any horizontal keystone features. plus it would need to be a lot closer to achive a screen sixe of aroound 2m or so, otherwise it will fill your wall and not be as bright.

any chance of it being on a coffee table in front of your sofa?

best height would be around 0.75-1.5m. that gives you plent of room to lense shift the pic.
You could go for a coffee table installation where the coffee table has a lower shelf for the PJ (possibly with borders on three sides to hide it some more). Then markers on the ground to adjust the table into projection system or small peg holes to drop it into (to save having to permanently screw the coffee table to the floor!!)

Or - under the settee left of screen have your video and power cable rolled up neatly and projector stored behind sofa or in nearby drawer - pull out cables and plug in projector when it's Big Screen time, neatly pack away when finished!
i have my ae200 wall mounted above sofa, after a couple of days u dont even notice it,s there

i would recommend u get a pulldown screen (u dont want to be messing about moving a screen every time u want to use the pj), i have mine mounted in a bay window same again u won,t notice it after a couple of days
ok fellas taken your points on board, attached a revised drawing looks like its gonna have to be a coffee table job, distance between coffee table and screen is approx 3 metres, now bearing in mind that it also needs a 16.9 screen what is best size for this distance.. in inches lenght and width

Ive been to and my pc wont display the measure section correctly.:mad:

Now with the coffee table could i actually have the z1 underneath, she dont want it sitting on top:nono:

Sorry 1 more thing i know that pj let out lots of heat so what sort of size should table be, im gonna make it myself so awaiting all your advice...
many thanks :smashin:


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