Mr Bean Back On TV


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It's great to see Mr Bean back on the TV on Comedy Central, it's just a shame they coudn't of done more with the audio I seem to have to have my volume quite high.

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Although I thought it was funny at the time I think it ruined Rowan Atkinson, especially as he became more popular here and over the pond because of Mr Bean.

He was then cast as the stereotypical clumsy English (or Italian) man (Hot Shots 2, Scooby Doo, Rat Race). His performances in Blackadder showed what an amazing comedy actor he was but I can't remember seeing him in a TV show or movie since Blackadder where he hasn't been seen as a Bean-type character. Even in Four Weddings he was Mr Bean in a vicar's outfit!

Jacko Jab

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I guess it's paid his mortgage.
Very true...

However I would have liked to have seen him in different roles though - I believe he was linked to Voldemort in the Potter movies?
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