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    I recently bought a pana mx8 and even a friend of mine bought pana gx7 last week.

    We both noticing the mpeg4 quality is not good on watching on the camera itself and also on computer too very small and not so impressive (Though the tape recording is very good, we bought this expensive one just because of mpeg4). The mpeg4 play also stops as if it is collection of still pictures.

    I saw a one year old sony's mpeg2 file which is better than mpeg4 and size also bigger.

    When we bought the gx7 we compared with sony pc101 and jvc dvp7, but pana was impressive on quality on tape recording, so we bought the gx7.

    Is this normal or something wrong with these models !?.

    Also noted that gx7 color night view extremely slow.

    Thanks for your views,


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