MPeg4 (ireland) tuner/decoder??? (panasonic)


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Hey all,
I'm not sure exactly what thread I should be posting this in, and have xpost in plasma tvs.

My dad wants a TX-P42X10 for his birthday. The ones I see in the shop are the UK models (TX-P42X10B).

However we live in N.Ireland and we receive the Irish tv channels as well as the UK ones. My understanding is, Ireland will switch to digital using MPeg4 but UK uses MPeg2. I think that both N.Ireland and Ireland are intending on switching over by 2012.

So, does anyone know if the TX-P42X10B will decode MPeg4 or only MPeg2?
What type of digital tuner should I be looking for in the specifications?
Is a MPeg4 tuner backwards compatible and thus able to handle MPeg2 signals?
Or, can anyone recommend another tv?
Or, should we just buy the P42X10B and in 3 years buy a new tv that is compatible with Ireland and UK?!
Or actually, just explain to me what I need in a new tv to pick up digital from both UK and Ireland (when they transmit).

We're a bit limited in price matching on UK models here anyway - amazon looks to be the best price but I don't know what warranty is offered on that *sigh* I think the Irish models are a lot more expensive and then we'd also need to find somewhere that would deliver up north. (I haven't quite found the equivalent Irish model which I think is TX-P42X10L or TX-P42X10E on the panasonic site)

Many thanks for any help you can give me. Bit baffled and of course pretty much a last minute birthday request sprung on me! Ick.


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Remember, the UK will be using DVB-T2 in the next few years so you'll have to get another TV if you want to watch any HD content through Freeview. A TV in a year or two might support DVB-T2 and MPEG4 DTT so you can get the best of both worlds. That's what I'm holding out for.

Can you even receive the digital signals from ROI at the moment? Remember, it's just a test, things could change between now and the launch and only new receivers could receive the service so it might be better to wait until after the ROI launch before deciding what to get?


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Ta for the reply.
So basically, you think just go ahead and buy the TV now and then handle the RTE switchover when it happens (buy new tv or new settop box then)?

We would wait but it's for my Dad's 80th birthday so we need to buy something now... aw well.

No we can't receive RTE digital and couldn't. I don't know if they are still broadcasting it. I think they did a test which a couple of areas could get and then switched it off again. I think I read somewhere that they are going to start switching on from Spetember this year? but should complete the switchover by 2012. But don't quote me on that! Could be a figment of my imagination!


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The tests are up and running from all main transmitters and a few relays too and should be launching from around August onwards as a full service.

You can get TV's nowadays with the MPEG4 capability so you can watch the RTÉ channels as well as the UK Freeview channels but best to make sure they can be received in your area and aerial set-up first.

If it is a Panasonic set you're after, the only models I can find that have an MPEG4 tuner in them for dual reception are the following models:
TH-42PZ81E, TH-46PZ81E, TH-50PZ81E
TH-42PZ83E, TH-46PZ83E
TH-42PZ86FV, TH-46PZ86FV
TH-42PZ800E, TH-46PZ800E, TH-50PZ800E
TH-58PZ800E, TH-65PZ800E
TH-37PX81FV, TH-42PX81FV

If any make of TV would suit then try THIS THREAD located on another forum that has a list (scroll down first) of all known TV's that have an MPEG4 tuner in them (as of January 2009). Maybe if you search online for some of those models in the size you want you can find it somewhere cheap rather than buying it in a shop locally.


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OK, Have been having a read on which someone mentioned and been talking to a guy in richer sounds. Seems like RTE doesn't actually know what format they are going to broadcast in - there's been very recent 'developments' and strange testing by RTE where people have lost video or the channels completely. There may have been conflicts of interest between RTE and the company sorting out the MPeg4 transmission... or something.

Then I don't know where I could actually get any of those panasonics which are European models and probably not worth that amount of hassle. *sigh*

Soooo.... I guess there's no point in my wondering what to do to solve the 'can i get Irish digital'.

It'll be a new setbox when RTE decide and hopefully that will not interfere with the new tv!



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Thinking about it, it probably would be best to just get a TV designed for the UK market and worry about the ROI service later.

Getting a MPEG-4 STB will be much better for you than using a CAM on your new TV to decode the MPEG-4 streams to MPEG-2 so you can watch them. At least if something happens the STB you can still watch Freeview until you get a new box, rather than having the whole thing replaced. And like you said, RTÉ havn't confirmed what they'll be using yet so not much point buying an MPEG-4 TV if they go and change something at the last minute and all that extra expense and effort was in vain!

Go get your daddy a nice sparkling new TV for his 80th birthday! (and a very Happy Birthday to him too!)

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