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Jul 13, 2002
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Hello all.

I will be getting a dvd writer tommorrow & wish to burn a compilation dvd using a series of mpeg clips (nothing dodgy,honest!).

Am I right in believing that as long as the clips are Mpeg 2 then they will be burnable using software such as TMPG DVD Author? I understand that this software takes care of the conversion process?

Help please!
Hi Gojira,

I've never used that particular software package but I suspect you will be OK. As you probably know DVD uses MPEG2 encryption for both audio and video.
The clips need to be dvd compliant (eg resolution and soundtrack have to conform) before the authoring software will accept them. If not, you'll need to re-encode them to become compliant. (In some cases you can dupe the software by patching headers but the results may not work on all players). TMPGEnc Plus can do the re-encoding so that TMPGEnc DVD Author will accept the results. You want to avoid re-encoding if at all possible, because it can reduce picture quality, but mainly because it takes a long time to do. See for more info.
Indeed,you can use TMPGEnc to create DVD complaint MPEG's,this usually takes about 20-30 mins depending on the speed of the machine being used.
Providing you re-encode at a high setting (at least 4000kbps) you are not going to notice that much drop in quality,you can encode higher than that but then it is going to take longer still and the end result may not be that much different in overall quality.
So if DVD Author accepts the mpeg at the "source" stage then I can safely assume that the file is compliant?

ps Thanks for all the replies! :)
Not always,it may accept it at source then it might reject it when you try to author it.
You can use TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator. This will turn the clips into mpeg2 in just a few steps (easier than TMPGEnc Encoder). Then import them into DVD Author.

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