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Jan 3, 2001
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I have just made my first film using studio 7, everything seemed ok until I turned it into an mpeg file using studio 7 so that I could make a vcd.

when I dragged it into nero 5.5 to burn and it would not accept the file and I have tried to watch the file in both real one player and windows media player and they don't recognise it either although it will play in studio 7 ????

They both mention something about a corrupt file or missing header

Has anyone got any ideas thanks
I use Studio 7 and have never had this problem with MPEGS, however, I rarely use Studio 7 MPEG encoding. You will find that its MPEG quailty is not the best, especially for MPEG1's VCD's.

I have had similar problems with AVI files that did not complete file finalisation due to corrupt data in the edit file. Did the writing of the MPEG file finish normally? Does it write DV AVI's OK? If it writes DV AVI's OK from the same edit file it is not an edit file data problem.

For best encoding use TMPGEnc from a DV-AVI file (
There is a freeware version, which has limited life MPEG2 encoding. If you use the optimum parameters it will give far superior results than Studio 7, and get the best out of the limitations of MPEG1 files for VCD's

I can supply an encoding template if required.

Thanks for that - it seems to have cured itself, I have taken a 5min avi file and coded it to mpeg for vcd and then coded the same file for mpeg 2 for svcd and both worked ok this time using studio 7.

I have played both disks back on my crt projector after burning with nero and I must say (given that I have used analogue svideo transfer to the pc from a dv camcorder via my dc10plus card) the quality on an 8ft picture is good enough for us.

So the problem seems to have sorted itself out. As for why I'm doing the transfer through svideo well would you believe it I have a jvc dvl 9000 dv camcorder which is very good but old and there are no drivers anywhere to support this camera through a firewire card !!!! especialy in XP how crazy is that, so pinnacle and other programmes will recognise the camera through dv.

Looking on the internet there are ather people with the same problems from posts on forums from a while ago. I have emailed some of them to see if they found a solution in the meantime I have a dv camcorder that you cannot use the dv output !!!!!!!!
I am having problems at this stage as well.

I have Studio 7 and I'm trying to put an edited recording onto a CD to play in my DVD player (which has CD-R capabilities). The CD Write software I have is Roxio.

Anyone able to help?

I would advise you go to this forum it has a good search engine and you can look at all the operating systems. I look at the XP one all the time and it does have a lot of info regarding problems with the software you are using it may help.
If it is the VCD authoring which is causing the trouble see which has a good description of how to use EasyCD to burn VCD's.

It should accept the MPEG1's produced by Studio 7

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