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can anyone help i have just got into digital video and have come to a stand still. i have worked out how to save video onto my pc but i havent been able to work out how to convert onto vcd yet so i can watch footage on my dvd player. i have also got a dvd burner so i will want to burn dvd,s aswell, i am using windows movie maker, is this any good for making dvds or vcd or do i have to get a more advanced piece of software.

please help........


MS Movie Maker 2 is a great, free prog for capturing and editing footage but it does not have any features to convert the AVI files to MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD).
To do the conversion you could use the burning software that you have for the CD writer such as Nero. Later versions of Nero can also do DVD's. This program will not create chapters or menus for DVD's though. To do this you need a DVD authoring program such as Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3. This can be downloaded from www.ulead.co.uk for a free 30 day trial. It can then be bought online for around £25.
There are of course plenty of other programs from many different companies to choose from. If you don't have Nero then read the manual of what you do have to see if it can convert files and create VCD's & DVD's.

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