MPEG 4 on a Panasonic DMRE100

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    Has anybody successfully transferred video onto an SD card that will play on a Panasonic DMRE100. I can copy MPEG4 onto a card on the Panny and then view it on the PC but I can't figure out how to do it the other way round. I am trying to get a video recorded on a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson P900) onto an SD card that will play on the DMRE100. I know the picture quality will be dire and that I will probably never need to do it again but it is very frustrating being able to be able to transfer video from the Panasonic to the P900 but not the other way.

    Obviously I am using a PC with multi card reader and have various codecs and converters such as Canopus pro-coder, Quicktime pro, DIVX etc but haven't found a way of doing it yet. I could work-around using the PC to create a DVD-RAM or DVD-RW with the video on and then let the Panny do the transcoding to the SD card but would like to do it from the phone card (Sony Memory stick) direct to an SD card on the PC that I can then use in the Panny.

    Any ideas?

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