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Nov 28, 2001
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I'm trying to copy some recorded TV to a DVD-RW.

I have a ATI AIW card with Multimedia centre 8.8.
Recorded DVD quality to HD at 720x576 MPEG-2. The file is 7 Gb.

I'm trying to go down the route as suggested earlier to a forum member, using TMPG and DVDShrink. Problem is TMPG complains that the input video as an unsupported format...

Anyone know what's going on?
You don't need to use tmpg, just save the output from dvdshrink into a folder called VIDEO_TS, compressedm to just fill the media.
Then burn a data dvd with your burner using that folder as the source. This should play correctly.
Sorry, I don't really understand the answer.

I've got an MPEG-2 file 720x576, I want to copy it to DVD.

Dont I need some IFO file and stream information? I thought the TMPG would create this. Then the MPEG could be read by dvdshrink to compress it.

This is my first attempt at this, so I dont know too much about it.
You can use Ifoedit to create IFO files from mpeg2 video. Then burn to DVD.

TMPGEnc DVD author will also accept mpeg files and convert to DVD files and then burn them to DVD.
Well, I got it to work. Thanks for the tips.

After messing around with frameserving at first and all sorts of things I got to a half decent method. At first I was using TMPGEn free mpeg encoder, not the DVD authoring sw, which explains a few things!

First attempt: I took the MPEG2 720x576 file, used one of the demultiplex tools from TMPGEn encoder split the file.

Read it straight in to the ifoedit programs dvd authoring tools.

Output files went into a VIDEO_TS folder. I then read those into DVDShrink to get it down to 4.7 gig, then burned the DVD with NERO.

Well that was worth it! 2 work hours for a bit of recorded tv which'll be watched once.

2nd attempt: After downloading the TMPGEn DVD program I could read in the mpeg2 file and do DVD authoring all in one. Problem was the file was 7 gig. So the output was read into DVDshrink, the burned with nero. 1.5 hours.

It would obviously be a lot quicker if the file wasnt 7 gig, could do everything in one hit with the TMPGEn DVD.

Hope others find this useful. There must be a quicker way than this though?

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