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Standard Member
I want to get an mp3 player.

I have heard that some have bad software
I have heard that some have bad navigaton controls
I have heard that some scratch easily
I have heard that some are too big
I have heard that some dont have a big enough hard drive
I have heard that most are too expensive

I have not heard of one that solves all these problems...

Can someody tell me which ones are great players for approx £100-150


Established Member
Ah now then :D That will be the Holy Grail of MP3 players that you're after...

Let me know if you find one! Especially at that price :smashin:


Distinguished Member
The perfect DAP doesn't exist. I'm happy with my 30Gb iPod video - for £190 at Amazon it's a good player. Downsides:

1. gaps
2. extra wonga for a skin to stop it scratching
3. everyone who has a different player likes to slag it off just because it's popular.

But other than that it does what is says on the tin. Sound quality is top notch too (anyone who says otherwise isn't using it properly).


Established Member
PJTX is right "great" players dont exsist yet good players do an i wholeheartedly agree with him on the sound issue of the IPod. The sound isnt fantastic but its not as bad as people on here make out especially with decent phones/amp.

On your question that budget is a bit on the low side for your requirements with most decent players with fair size hardrives around the £200 mark. Save up and get the Ipod or similar then once youve got it you can then join in the "other make you didnt get bashing" seemingly its the done thing.:smashin:

If you do find that "great" player for £120 lemme know ill have 3 of them :D

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