Mpb i7-2720 Mbp vs iMac 27 i5 mc814 - please help

toxic mango

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Hello all - have decided to buy 1st mac. Looking for reliability / avchd editing & photo editing / not interested in gaming. Am stuck between mpb which is approx £1522 at dixons or iMac which with discount is approx £1500 at best buy or even 21 inch version which cheaper. Your thoughts on what you recommend and why would be appreciated. Thanks



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Both can comfortably do what you need. Sounds like you primarily work from home as well, so it depends on how highly you rate the convenience of being semi portable over a fixed work station?

Based on the assumption you will be doing all your work at home I would choose the iMac for the bigger screen real estate over the 17" MBP.

toxic mango

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Thank you for your response. It will be used at home. Would the base model i5 iMac be suitable. Not worried about gaming mainly to surf net use for word/excel/Internet/photo/video editing. I ask about base as with disc works out at £880. The extra money could be used for upgrade after three years : )

richard plumb

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fwiw, quidco have a 10% off macs at dixons voucher, plus 3% cashback..

don't have the specs in front of me, but I'd have thought for heavy AVCHD editing you'll benefit from a quadcore i7. the screen size (and resolution) of the 27" also gives you a lot more space to lay things out for video editing. Alternatively you could go with the 21.5" for your workspace, and connect up a separate monitor/TV to view the output.
As per Richard, if you do regular video editing or photo you can't have enough screen estate. If you can afford it, I'd definitely go for the 27" model over any CPU upgrades as all of them can handle it with ease.

I would also max out on memory but just buy that cheaply from Crucial.

toxic mango

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Thanks - am holding for lion. Other half gets student discount - but budgetary constraint means likely 21.5 model.

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